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The vault Light and gun safe Light kit

We create the greatest and quality vault lighting and gun safe light kit. Among the vault lighting kits is TAC-1575 vault. You are able to enjoy the premium gun safe directed lighting option in America. Custom designed to fit all manufacturers with simple and easy installation. The TAC-1575 Vault Lighting Kit includes 60-inches of Bright LED Light, your selection of a battery or plug power supply, an automated motion switch and clear female or male cable augmentation for a flexible installation. In any case, it’s pre-cut velcro strips wrapped in 3m adhesive for organic rising. Modular Design can enlarge around 7 LED Light Bars.

We assure whilst picking our goods, you too can have an installed lighting system that is efficiently. No alteration, no fussing as well as no tools are necessary. Take one month, and if you are not pleased and satisfied or having issues, we will fix it right or respectably refund your money. If you require assistance, we have devoted customer service professionals. They can assist you in finding the accurate lighting solution for you. Is the measurements as width, height, and depth of your safe.

To claim under this Guarantee, go back the faulty item to Light My Safe for proof with the original receipt and replace under this Warranty. Products will be repaired or exchange at the discretion of Light My Safe. The components repaired or restore will be considered part of the initial item and doesn’t extend the period of the Warranty. Removal, all shipping, and installation expenses are buyer’s duty.

The other warranties not especially outlined in this, express or implied, are as a consequence of this disclaimed specifically to the extent allowed by applicable law. The Warranty provides rights that are exact to you. You might also have. Any implied warranties you may have over state law e limited to the same time as the appropriate Warranty put forth herein. In some countries, they don’t allow the exception of minor or consequential damages, so the restrictions and barring may not be relevant for you.

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